• GameX 3.0
    Eat. Sleep. Game. Repeat


    11 AM to 4 PM on Sunday, March 10th
    @ Hilton Meadowvale Mississauga

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GameX 3.0 is coming to the Hilton Meadowvale on Sunday, March 10th

GameX is an interactive video game event combining a video game bazaar of over 70 vendors alongside gaming tournaments and the opportunity to meet some terrific gaming personalities.

This is a family-friendly event and there will be something to enjoy for gamers of all ages. Admission will be $10 per person and children aged 12 and under are free!

Browse our expansive video Game bazaar

Did you grow up with the platforming era of the Nintendo Entertainment System or the Sega Genesis? Were your evenings and weekends filled with quests, leveling and boss fights? Then you’ll be right at home.

With over 70 vendor tables and exhibitors from across Ontario, there will be something available for everyone. Whether you’re looking to shop retro or current generation games, plushies, merchandise or even the hard-to-find gems, our exhibitors have the goods to deliver.

Be sure to visit our Exhibitors page to see a list of some of our great vendors.

Compete against friends and foes for the crown of GameX 3.0 Champion

Ever been hit with a Blue Shell seconds from the finish line? Well, this is your opportunity to put the Doritos and Mountain Dew to the side and arm yourself with your controller to get your revenge.

Take on new challengers and old foes alike through our bracket tournament system. Compete in our Smash Brothers Melee or Super Mario Kart 64 tournaments and emerge as the GameX 3.0 Champion taking home a brand new Nintendo Switch!

Be sure to contact us to secure an early tournament registration.

For more information about booking tables, the show and our guests please feel free to reach out to us via the button below.